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Temporary Food License

A temporary food license is issued to a facility that is operated at an event for no more than five consecutive days.

Requirements for a temporary license:

- If utensils, dishes, etc., will need to be washed, three buckets or other containers must be available to wash, rinse, and sanitize them. Liquid soap and an approved sanitizer must be available at all times if utensil washing is required. Regular (unscented) bleach may be used as a sanitizer. Use one tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water.

- A fourth bucket or chemically treated towelettes must be used to wash hands. Soap and paper towels must be available at all times if a bucket is used.

- Hot-holding temperatures must be maintained at 135 degrees F. or more. Cold holding temperatures must be maintained at 41 degrees F. or less. Keep coolers out of direct sunlight to help maintain cold food at the proper temperature.

- All food and food-related items (cups, plates, etc.) must be stored off the floor or ground.

- All wastewater must be poured into a holding tank or a sink drain that goes to a sanitary sewer. Do not pour water on the ground or down a storm drain.

- A stem thermometer must be available to check for proper temperatures.

- Bare-hand contact of ready-to-eat food must be avoided by using tongs, utensils, or disposable gloves.

- Hair restraints such as hats, hairnets, or visors must be worn by anyone working with food.

- A temporary food license must be purchased.


Temporary Requirements Information & License Application

Food Safety Packet/Review of the Rules

Please be advised that all food items that will be sold under the temporary food licensed must be prepared onsite, or at a licensed facility.

Food that has been prepared at home will not be allowed to be sold, except those items approved as Cottage Foods.