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Brand Manual

This manual offers information about the new identity of public health in Franklin County. It will help you to understand why we went through this transition and provide a background for some of the exciting changes we have made.

FCPH Brand Manual

Download Franklin County
Public Health's Brand Manual

Logo Standards

FCPH Brand Parts:
Brand Parts

Any use of the Symbol and Watermark as separate items requires prior approval.

Wordmark font
1st Title Line:
Century Gothic Regular

2nd Title Line:
Century Gothic Bold

Brandmark Color Uses:

Brandmark Color Uses

Sizing & Positioning:

Brand Sizing & Positioning

  Brandmark should never be smaller than 1.25" tall.   Leave clear space equal to .25" on all sides of the Brandmark.

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Logo Files

Feel free to download the version that best meets your needs, following the Standards identified above. If you need a higher resolution or vector format, please contact Mitzi Kline.

Full color, Medium resolution [jpg - 112K]

One color,Medium resolution JPG [jpg - 85K]